TEMPTEK: (http://www.temptek.com)

Chillers, towers, mold temperature controllers.

Servo-electric injection machines from 35 - 940 tons, Vertical or horizontal clamp.

YUSHIN AMERICA: (http://www.yushin.com)
Parts take-out robots, sprue pickers, beside the press automation systems.

Directory of product categories:

  • Blenders (resin) select: MAGUIRE PRODUCTS or MOTAN INC.

  • Chillers (water) select: GREEN BOX AMERICA or TEMPTEK

  • Concentrate Feeders (color/additive) select: MAGUIRE PRODUCTS or MOTAN INC.

  • Conveyors (parts take-out) select:MAC AUTOMATION INC.

  • Dryers (resin) select: MAGUIRE PRODUCTS or MOTAN INC.

  • Fluid Coolers (plant water)select: GREEN BOX AMERICA

  • Gaylord Unloaders (resin) select: MAGUIRE PRODUCTS

  • Gaylord and Barrel Covers (resin) select: MAC AUTOMATION INC.

  • Granulators (size reduction) select: CMG USA

  • Injection Molding Machines (all electric) select: TOYO USA

  • Injection Molding Machines (hybrid/hydraulic) select: FCS GROUP

  • Mold Heaters (water) select: GREEN BOX AMERICA orTEMPTEK INC.

  • Loaders/Central Conveying (resin) select: MOTAN INC.

  • Robots (part take-out) select: YUSHIN AMERICA

  • Sprue Pickers, select: YUSHIN AMERICA

  • Storage Containers & Silos (material) select: MOTAN INC.

  • Temperature Controllers (hot runner) select: GAMMAFLUX INC.

  • Towers (evaporative water) select: TEMPTEK INC.


Manufacturers Links:

Granulators, shredders and size reduction equipment.

Servo-hydraulic and 2 platen machines from 35 - 4,000 tons.

Hot runner temperature controllers from 2 - 600 zones.

GREEN BOX AMERICA: (http://www.greenboxamerica.com)
Central and portable chillers, central fluid coolers and pump tanks.

MAC AUTOMATION:(http://www.macautomation.com) 
Parts conveyors, separators, plant systems, molding accessories.

MAGUIRE PRODUCTS: (http://www.maguire.com)
​Resin blenders, dryers, concentrate feeders, gaylord unloaders.

Resin drying and conveying systems, portable dryers and loaders, material storage bins and silos.